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Tom Hickox’s The ‘John Cage’ Boiled Egg

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this will know how to successfully boil an egg, but just in case, for a large egg at room temperature, give it a good boil for 5 minutes, and Bob’s your Uncle! But it gets a little trickier if you fancy 2 of the blighters, as while you’re eating the first, the second will continue to steam in its shell and result in the almost unfathomable catastrophe of a non-runny yolk. So to mitigate this, the sophomore needs boiling for less time than the fresher, and happily, the exact amount of time to cook the perfect follow-up is 4’33”, which eagle-eyed enthusiasts of the twentieth century avant-garde will recognise as the title of John Cage’s most famous opus. The second egg therefore will forever be known in this household, with no pomp and muso nonsense, as the “John Cage”.



Boil water in a pan, and place 2 large room temperature eggs in the water. Take the “John Cage” out after 4’33”, and then the egg to be eaten first after 5 minutes. Enjoy dipping the soldiers in both of those runny yolks!

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