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Stephen Langridge’s Harry’s Muesli

I didn’t make up this recipe. I was given it, then couldn’t quite remember the details, and had to reinvent it. It’s simple, probably takes a total of 10 minutes, but it’s very popular in my house.




Oat milk (or soya milk, any non-dairy milk would work)

Dried berries and/or raisins or sultanas

An apple

A banana

Lemon juice

Plain yoghurt


It goes like this.

”Anyone fancy Harry’s muesli tomorrow?”

It’s generally late-ish, nearly bedtime, when you ask this question, and the response is usually “oooh yes please.”

So you start, sometimes with “Sailing By” as a soundtrack:

  1. Find a large blow, and fill it 2/3rds full with the best rolled porridge oats you can find in the cupboard (it’d work with Ready Brek but might be a huge disappointment)

  2. Choose your dried fruit. Cranberries are lovely and a bit tart, blueberries work well, raisins are sweet... It doesn’t really matter: trial and error, but don’t overdo it! Mix the dried fruit into the dry oats.

  3. Pour in enough oat milk to cover the oat mix.

  4. Put into the fridge and leave until morning.

  5. Go to bed.

  6. Next morning, get up a bit before others and head to the fridge.

  7. The milk will be fully absorbed, and the dried fruit swollen and juicy. Stir it. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  8. Peel the banana and chop it. Stir it in.

  9. Grate the apple into the muesli, with or without the skin, you choose.

  10. Add a little squeeze of lemon juice at will.

  11. Serve, encouraging others to try it with a bit of plain yoghurt, and perhaps a little extra oat milk.

With luck, you will start the day as the most popular member of the household...and it’s SO easy. I’ve even managed it after a premiere party, and I can tell you, in that case, it’s very welcome the next morning.

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