Shuna Sendall’s Notes Champagne Cocktail

Updated: May 17, 2020

This is my take on a classic champagne cocktail - my mum was a huge cocktail fan in her heyday, she was an actor and used to have cocktail parties in her dressing room after shows, and I was trained up in the art of making these from a very early age, to the point that I used to count them and tell her off for having too many from about the age of 10! I make it slightly differently now because Calvados is a great favourite with my husband Iain and I from years of French holidays.


In the bottom of a champagne flute place 1 (2 if you like it sweet) brown sugar cube, add 2/3 dashes of orange bitters and then 15-25ml of calvados, depending on how strong you like it! I normally leave it for a minute or so to let the flavour develop, or muddle it a little if I’m in a hurry, you then fill the rest of the glass with champagne, carefully cause it will foam excessively due to the sugar! Doesn’t have to be good champagne but it does have to be champagne, other sparkling wines don’t seem to have the right acidity. The blend of caramel from the brown sugar, fruitiness from the calvados and orange bitters with the champagne makes it a addictive twist on the classic (sugar/cognac/angostura) garnish with a twist of orange peel, lemon peel and/or a maraschino cherry!



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