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Rachel Hynes’ Heartwarming Stew

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

It’s my own twist on my Mother’s stew from our childhood. My brother and I used to call it ‘dirty water’ because the juices were runny and brown. I now simmer mine for longer so the juice thickens. I make a huuuuuge pot as ‘next day’ stew tastes even better and you can also freeze batches.



Lean stewing steak

2 medium onions -I like to use red onions.

1/2 leek

Potatoes peeled & cubed

Carrots sliced

Turnip or Swede cubed




Stock cubes


Black pepper to season

Worcestershire Sauce



Brown the steak/beef. I buy cubed and often cut into smaller pieces.

Add stock cube -1 or 2

Add chopped veg - onions, leeks, potatoes, carrots turnip and allow to soften whilst boiling a kettle of water.

Season with black pepper and some mixed herbs if you like.

Pour on boiled water -enough to cover and some. Bring to the boil.

Add Worcestershire sauce

Allow to simmer.

Add a few drops of Tabasco to taste.

Simmer for a few hours, adding peas and sweetcorn half-way through.

Keep checking and seasoning with Worcestershire Sauce to taste.

30 minutes before serving add sprouts if you like -they really sweeten the dish, yum!

Really easy, but delicious dish. Serve with crusty bread.

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