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Peter O’Connor’s Scouse

Updated: May 17, 2020

When I was a lad growing up in Anfield, Liverpool -  we were poor but didn't know we were cos everyone was -  good, simple, hearty meals were always on the go. One of me favourite meals was me Grandads "panascouse" (pan of Scouse). I would only eat me Grandads, never me Mum’s - I later learnt it was no different, but me Grandad’s was ME GRANDADS  - Proper and THE BEST!



Scrag end of lamb (neck will do but scrag is tastier as it's on the bone)

Onions. LOTS  - not yer posh red onions, but yer big brown Spanish ones.

Carrots - LOTS cut quite chunky.

Potatoes  -  Lots - cut into 'diamond slices' ie quarter yer spud then with a small knife cut the quarter diagonally a few times so that they resemble a triangle -ish shape.

Salt and WHITE pepper - essential. NOT YER FANCY BLACK PEPPER.


Pickled beetroot or red cabbage - up to yoU

Brown Sauce

Bread and butter  - usually white bread.


Place meat, onions and carrots in a pressure cooker and cook on HIGH Pressure for 20 mins  (or until meat is done  but no more than 30 mins)

Reduce pressure . Remove lid, Season well - VERY WELL! Throw in Potatoes with enough water to just cover.

Bring back to boil without the pressure cooker lid till potatoes are cooked but NOT FALLING APART - as me mum used to say - "They need bite still".

When ready to serve, gently stir ingredients and dish up.

Have beetroot, cabbage, brown sauce, bread and butter salt and white pepper already on the table and ENJOY!


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