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Orla Boylan’s Irish Brown Bread

My recipe is Irish Brown bread according to my granny, Annie Boylan.

I couldn’t get coarse-ground wholemeal flour as the shops are all out of it here,  so I had to improvise with oats thrown in a food processor until they are a coarse flour texture. Handy for those in countries that can’t get coarse-ground flour easily.



Set oven to 190 C


330 g plain flour

330 g wholemeal coarse-ground flour (or the oats as described above!)

1 Heaped tsp bread soda

1 Heaped tsp salt

500 ml buttermilk at room temp.

Stir the dry ingredients together

Throw in the buttermilk and mix well. It’s quite a wet mixture.

Tip the mixture onto a baking tray and shape it into a brown bread shape!

Into the oven with it. After 10 minutes turn the heat down to 180 C and leave for a further 35 minutes. Check it and if it needs the extra 5 minutes, grand. If not, remove and cool on a rack. Wrap in a clean tea towel to keep the crust just right.


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