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Nathalie Stutzmann’s Ultimate Quiche Lorraine

It’s important to know that there are many different recipes for quiche Lorraine. But the one I make is from my grandmother (who was a baker) and my mother, it's the smell of childhood, baking in the oven, everything I love. I arranged it a little bit my own way and it's not necessarily the quiche Lorraine you'll find in cookbooks but it's the Stutzmann's recipe. And you have to know that in Lorraine (North East of France where I’m originated) what we love most in the world is bacon. We have a saying: "Do you prefer your father or your mother? No, I prefer bacon!" It says it all...!



For 4 people you need: - 1 puff pastry (a little bit unusual but I like it instead of shortcrust pastry for the quiche, I find it lighter) - 100g lean smoked bacon (you can buy it already diced if you don’t have much time) - Comté cheese (or any type of Gruyère) - 5 organic eggs - 3 decilitre of whole milk - Liquid cream - Nutmeg Preferably all organic

Method: 1) Take 5 eggs (you can put 4  but it’s better with 5) and beat them into an omelette in a small bowl. 2) Add about 3 decilitres of whole milk and a good little shot (I don't really measure) of liquid cream, and beat it all very conscientiously. 3) Add a little bit of pepper and, most importantly, grate some nutmeg (you don’t need much as the taste is strong) which is my own little personal touch :-) You don’t need to add salt as cheese and smoked bacon naturally salt the dish. 4) Preheat your oven (a traditional one is my choice) to 210°C. 5) Butter the tray (I only use blue steel trays which is the authentic bakers material, so the quiche never binds and bakes very well underneath). A quiche whose dough is not sufficiently cooked underneath is just unbearable (laugh). 6) Spread the pastry in the tray with the edges well up and cover them quite widely to avoid the liquid from overflowing. 7) Prick all along the bottom of the pastry with a fork like a little pecking hen, to avoid problems of swelling. Put it in the fridge so it stays at a cool temperature. 8) As soon as the oven has reached 210°C, dispatch the diced bacon and a little bit of grated Comté cheese all over the bottom of your dough. 9) Pour the whole mixture in one go, spread some more grated cheese on top and put it straight away in the oven. 10) Let it bake for 30-35 minutes at 210°C until the quiche has a nice colour as on the picture. My tip when you take it out of the oven is to wait 2 or 3 minutes before removing it from the mould and cutting it so that it has time to rest a little bit. I often serve a small mesclun of green salad as a side and for the drink I recommend a very fresh rosé or a fresh Loire Valley wine. What goes very well with the quiche, surprisingly, is also beer, preferably white beer. Bon appétit !

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