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Maxine Kwok's Broccoli Cheese Bread

Updated: May 23, 2020

I started a keto-based diet back in the Summer of 2018 and found what I missed more than anything (despite my Chinese heritage) was bready foods. This broccoli "bread" is easy to make and can be eaten without any toppings. It's really at its best straight from the oven but even cold the following day it's completely delicious - that is IF you can stop eating it all the day it's baked.. Enjoy!


I head of broccoli

2 med eggs

100g parmesan

100g mozzarella

Pinch of salt and pepper

Herbes de provence

Chilli flakes

If you have a food processor then good for you! - this will be as easy as pie. If like me you have a small electric chopper, it takes a little longer but is worth it. Rice the broccoli and the parmesan. Add whatever herbs you like, I personally love herbes de Provence as the smell reminds me of the many summers spent at the Aix Festival. Salt and pepper plus a pinch or two of chilli flakes gives a little kick. Mix in the 2 beaten eggs to get a doughy mixture and pour into a lined baking tin.

Bake for twenty minutes at 220 degrees Celsius. Then add slices of mozzarella onto the top and bake for a further ten minutes.


Twitter: @maxinekwokadams

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