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Maho Ekenas’s Japanese Chicken Karaage

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Japanese people have strong memories of our mothers giving lunch boxes for school that, I’m my case, I always hoped would contain karaage, a real treat. When I arrived in London to study singing at the Royal College of Music, I was very homesick, and I cooked karaage then to remind me of home and my mother.


1. Cut chicken thighs about 5cm cube (1 kg)

2. Marinade about 3 hours in a bowl with 1dl Sake, 2dl Soya source, 1dl Mirin, fresh pressed garlic, fresh grated ginger  

3. After 3 hours, drain extra moisture/sauce from bowls as much as you can. Add 1 cracked egg and mix with your hands roughly.

4. Coat chicken with a mix of potato-flour and all-purpose flour.

5. Deep fry 180 degree with oil that is suitable for frying, like light olive or sunflower oil. It will be even crispier and nicer if you fry them twice!

6. Eat while hot, or cold like in my school lunchbox!


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