Katrina Waters’ One-Tray Wonders

Unlike real life where I have many pots on the boil, when I am cooking I like to use as few pots as possible.  These two recipes are variations on the same theme, both adapted from ideas from Jamie Oliver and Hemsley&Hemsley

Salmon traybake

Green beans, top and tailed

Whole baby tomatoes

Jar or can of anchovies

4 salmon fillets

Put everything in the tray, salmon fillets on top.  Cover with foil and cook in a medium oven.

It's done when the salmon is cooked and ideally the tomatoes have popped and made a salty mess with the anchovies.  Eat with mashed potatoes.

Whole chicken, fennel and lemon traybake

4 large bulbs of fennel cut into 1/4 or 1/6

2-3 lemons cut into 1/4

1 whole chicken butterflied with the skin on

Put fennel and lemon in tray

Top with chicken, skin side up, salt it if you like salt.

Cover and cook. It's done when the chicken is cooked and the fennel is roasted and sitting in a salty, chickeny, lemony gravy.  Eat with another veg of your choice.

(You can actually do this fast in a really hot oven if you manage to hide most of the fennel under the chicken and if you salt the skin really well you end up with crispy skin chicken.)



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