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Kati Debretzeni’s Mum’s Chicken Soup:

Nothing like a good  soulful Jewish chicken soup. We grew up on this, in times of need in Communist Romania, then later in Israel. For my daughter it is ‘Eva Soup’ after her Granny.



5-6 whole skinless chicken legs cut into lower and upper segments

1 whole celeriac root (knob celery), peeled

6-7 medium sized carrots, peeled

5-6 parsley roots, peeled

4-5 garlick cloves

5-6 thumb-nail sized knobs of ginger (peeled)

10-12 black peppercorns

1 tsp salt

To garnish: thin soup vermicelli

Rinse the pieces of chicken in cold water. Place them at the bottom of a pressure cooker (or a big soup-pot). Place the vegetables on top of the chicken. Distribute the garlick cloves, ginger knobs, peppercorns and salt evenly. Cover with water, if in a pressure cooker, leave about a 3-finger-sized space between the lid and the water. Cook for 30 minutes after the steam starts to turn the pressure cooker’s tip. In a regular soup pot, cook for about an hour.

When cooked, disregard the ginger knobs. If you want more than one meal out of it, drain and save the soup, chicken and veg in separate bowls. Serve with thin soup-vermicelli (cooked separately).

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