Kathryn Stott’s Sunshine Breakfast

Updated: Apr 19

When I’m away on tour,  I tend to eat far too much bread. It’s probably my favourite comfort food. So when I’m home, I like to make this as a complete change. It always feels a sunny start to the day whatever the weather.


Greek yoghurt (0% fat or full depending how willpower was on tour)

Oat bran

Mixed berries

Chopped apple

Sliced banana

Chopped dried apricots

Few raisins

Macadamia nuts

Flaked almonds



Mix a spoonful of oat bran with 3 tablespoons yoghurt until combined.

Add any or all of the above in any proportions you like.

Drizzle with honey.

Easy and delicious!


© 2020 | MP DESIGN

© 2020 | MP DESIGN

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