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Karina Canellakis’s Oven Roasted Veggies with Salmon or Tofu


This stems from my love affair with the whole „farm to table“ movement which has become so popular lately (yay!) due to current efforts to be more climate friendly, eat local produce and get away from processed foods. For me, traveling all the time is a nightmare in terms of eating healthy and feeling physically good...mayo sandwiches with a bag of chips, slice of pizza, or disgusting wilty salad are usually the choices as I‘m running to the gate to board the plane or catch the train. Every time I get home, or even if I‘m staying in an airbnb somewhere that has a kitchen, this is my go-to recipe to feel homey and good. It‘s delicious and flexible. Do it with what you‘ve got. This recipe is naturally gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and could even be vegan if one decided to use tofu instead of salmon. Basically any veggie can work for this, the ideal ones to roast being: sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, beets (beetroot), cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, any kind of root vegetable.

Supplies needed for this recipe: A couple baking/roasting trays and/or glass pyrex dish A pan, ideally cast iron, but any pan‘ll do Olive oil Salt and pepper (ideally fresh ground in a grinder, not old pre-ground) Vegetables (see the list above) Fresh salmon or tofu A little saucepan to steam your greens (I like steamed greens better than roasted) Additional optional delicious stuff: Ground nutmeg Ground cinnamon Garlic powder A lemon An avocado, just because they are wonderful on the side Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to bake about 375 Fahrenheit (just under 200 celsius) 2. Wash 4 medium sized sweet potatoes, 3 medium sized beets (beetroot), a little bunch of broccolini or a head of broccoli 3. Peel beets if you‘re going that route. Other stuff ain‘t need to be peeled, save yourself 4. Chop into little cubes, try to keep them all approximately the same size for even roasting 5. Spread on baking tray (I use baking parchment paper for easy cleanup), sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and shower with olive oil 6. Use your hands (yes your hands) to mix them all up in the oily salty peppery stuff and spread them evenly on the baking NOT crowd them, give them space so they will crisp up and not be soggy 7. Spices, if you have: I love garlic powder on cauliflower, regular potatoes, zucchini. On sweet potatoes I love to put ground nutmeg and a tiny bit of cinnamon. 8. Shove em in the oven, wait about 15 mins 9. Take em out, flip them around a bit, re-spread, and put back in oven 10. Now as the veggies continue roasting in there, heat your cast iron pan on the highest possible heat for 3 mins, then add olive oil, wait another 2 mins 11. Sizzle: add your salted and peppered salmon filets FACE DOWN, so the top gets crispy, leave it there for a good 4-ish mins, check with spatula. If tofu: butterfly the tofu so you have two thin rectangles and dry with a paper towel before putting in the pan 12. Meanwhile, put an inch of water in a saucepan with your broccolini, and heat it so the water is boiling, cover, leave it there so it steams for about 5mins, check with fork 13. Flip the salmon, and then: cast iron: stick it in the oven covered with foil, regular non-stick pan: just cover it and lower fire so the salmon cooks through. I‘d say about another 4mins. If it‘s tofu, don‘t cover it, just brown the second side on higher fire. Take everything out. Put on a plate and make look nice. Sprinkle with more salt and pepper to taste and fresh herbs if you‘ve got‘em. I used fresh basil here because we‘re all stuck at home and I bought a basil plant. This recipe is best enjoyed with a glass of crisp dry white wine :) Stay well everybody, eat well, enjoy! Cheers to us getting back to making music together soon! Xoxo Karina

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