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Jennifer Pike’s Easy Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecake is always my first choice when it comes to choosing indulgent desserts. This easy cheesecake recipe has been in my family for a while and I love to make it when I have a few days at home between concerts. No cooking necessary, just put it in the fridge to set! You can choose how healthy or indulgent you want to make it by mixing up the ingredients - sometimes I use 0% fat natural yogurt and half fat philadelphia and other days I like to go for the creamier, more indulgent options!


1 pot natural yoghurt 500g

1 and 1/2 tubs of philadelphia cheese 270g

1 tin of SWEETENED condensed milk 400g

2 bananas

2-3 lemons (to taste)

About 14 digestive biscuits

About 100g of butter or margarine Method:

Make the biscuit base. Break up all the biscuits into small pieces. Always quite satisfying. There are many ways of doing this - I put all the biscuits in a small bag and either crush them with a rolling pin or break them up by hand. (It depends how crumbly you like your biscuit base). Melt the butter in a pan and coat the biscuit pieces with it.

Grease a 22cm springform cake tin and transfer the biscuits to form the base. Transfer to the fridge for about an hour.

For the cheesecake mix: Put all the wet ingredients in a blender and mix well (if you don't have a blender mix by hand in a large bowl if you are feeling energetic!). I like to add the juice of about two lemons but it is up to you how lemony you want it to be!

Take the biscuit base out of the fridge and slice the bananas. Layer the banana slices over the biscuit base and CAREFULLY pour over the cheesecake mix.

Leave in the fridge until set - usually takes half a day. Scatter with lemon zest and serve with fruit

You can also use less butter and light condensed milk  a healthier opening - but it won’t set so well!

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