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Fiona Stevens’ Roast Garlic Bread Stuffed Chicken

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

This was a standard my French grandmother used to make. It‘s a great favourite with my kids & whenever I make it the smell transports me straight back to my grandmother‘s flat (good memories...)

You need:

A whole roasting chicken (devoid of insides)

Enough stale bread to fill the chicken (my grandmother used to use leftover baguette that was too hard to eat & stale bread with a proper crust is best here but we‘ve found that any type of bread that‘s gone properly hard will work)

Many cloves of garlic

1 tsp salt & lots of freshly ground blackpepper

A small amount of oil

A cocotte (pictured below)


Put the cocotte on the hob on a low to mid setting & heat the oil slowly.

When it‘s hot, gently brown the chicken on all sides until the skin is crispy.

If you‘re organised or have helping hands it‘s possible to simultaneously peel the garlic cloves & start rubbing them into the stale bread while the chicken is browning.

When the chicken is crisp & brown on all sides, take it off the heat, put salt and freshly ground black pepper inside it & use your hand to make sure the inside of the chicken is well-coated with salt & pepper.

Stuff the chicken with the garlic bread.

Put the chicken back into the cocotte & close the lid.

You now have the options of fast cooking in the oven (oven pre-heated to 180-200 degrees) or slow cooking in the oven (oven at 120 degrees) or cooking on the hob at a medium setting.

I never time any of these, but i‘m sure the net has advice somewhere on correlation weight of chicken to cooking time. Usually it‘s done when it starts to smell amazing & leaving it in longer just makes the meat more tender - in a cocotte it doesn‘t spoil easily.

This recipe also works with duck (and probably with other birds too)

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