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Christine Marøy’s Knekkebrød

My recipe is really simple to make! It’s knekkebrød, or crisp bread! I was served homemade crisp bread for breakfast every morning some years ago in an opera production at Villa Åmot, a local farm where there was an opera festival.  It was the periode when lowcarb food was getting popular, and some of the singers were on a diet. So we were served freshly baked crisp bread every morning, and I loved them. So I had to get the recipe.  I use to bake these every week. These I can bring to work, and I can keep them stored for weeks, and I don’t have to worry if I have fresh bread. I had to experiment on the temperature, because they were suppose to have 150 C for one hour, but then they would be slightly soft in the middle.  So l start on 170 C and take them out to cut them after about 30 minutes and then lower the temperature to 150 C and put it back in the oven.

I also vary a little of what to put in them, but I always have the three ingredients mentioned first. And I sometimes add pumpkin seeds or chia..

Here is the recipe: for 2 plates: ( or a little more)

220 g sunflower seed

220 g sesame seed

220 g linseed

150 g spelt flour/ or ground whole grain rye (?)

6 dl water

A pinch salt

Mix seeds and flour in bowl

Add water and salt

Stir around

Wait a few minutes until it’s a thick dough

Have two baking plates with baking paper on

Use a tablespoon to press and spread the dough on the baking plate. I normally start from the middle and add more and more dough. Make a thin, flat layer.

When finished, put both plates in the oven and bake for one hour, 170 c. Take them out half time to cut them rectangular. Put them back and lower temperature slightly when they’re  getting dryer! Finish when totally crisp, and slightly light brown!

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