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Bruce Wolosoff’s Pesto

Updated: May 17, 2020

There are things about which I am insecure, but making pesto sauce is not one of them. Here is my recipe for the world's greatest pesto sauce!

In a mortar and pestle, combine sea salt, a few garlic cloves, and pignoli nuts. Pound them into a paste. Add some fresh basil leaves, a little at a time. Get a good rhythm going and pound into a paste. When all the basil has been processed, add freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Pound to combine the cheese and basil paste. Stir in extra virgin olive oil a little at a time. Add freshly ground pepper. Stir in a bit of unsalted butter for added richness. You can add it to pasta, with a little of the water from the cooked pasta to thin it, but it’s also great served straight up on a crusty baguette with a glass of wine!

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